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Enriching spaces through beautifully-crafted cabinetry.

Our Services

Enriching spaces through beautifully-crafted cabinetry.


A kitchen is the focal point of any home. From long festive feasts at the kitchen table, that quick cup of coffee on the way out your door, to the quiet glass of wine after a long day - the kitchen is a place where the family comes together.

But families come in all shapes and sizes – they are unique. And for a kitchen to become such an integral part of your day to day life, we believe it should reflect that. Dictating the look, feel, and layout of your kitchen, the cabinets sets the tone for styling nuances and exuding that tangible feeling of quality. Whether to create bespoke designs that give all the elegance and minimalism of the ultra modern, take a fresh perspective on a classic design, or something that specifically suits the overall aesthetic of a brand new home renovation, allow us to be your partner in taking your ideas and turning them into a visual, liveable reality that elevates your space from an area that’s purely practical, to a deeply personal, finessed, and welcoming commune that reflects the real nature of your daily lifestyle.

From hinging to kitchen cabinets, custom joinery to quality interiors, no detail is ever too small or concept too big for us to conquer. Whatever your preference, your lifestyle, or your practical needs, Vantage Cabinets is here to for your next kitchen renovation in Perth to style it for the future – whatever that means to you.

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Bathrooms are required to be so many different things to different people. Often an underrated area these small spaces nonetheless need to be highly functional.
Vantage Bathroom

For children, balancing practicality and safety is the number one priority. For adults, they are both a sanctuary and an integral part of their day to day routine.

As we age, accessibility becomes the number one priority in everything we do. That means there is no “one size fits all” approach to the perfect bathroom and, over time, our needs will inevitably grow and adapt as we do. By taking a considered approach to understanding the needs of you and your family, we combine not only daily function and practicality, but all the style notes and nuances that truly make it your own.

For anyone in Perth looking to elevate their house to a home, our custom cabinetry and joinery acts as a considered addition to any renovation. With everything from bathroom cabinets, to cupboards, vanities and so much more on offer, you can be sure that Vantage Cabinets has everything you need to give your new bathroom that personal touch.

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While the laundry is a place that we hold little appreciation for when we’re young, it becomes a key centre of productivity in our homes as we start to grow and care for families of our own.

As the most underrated and unseen room in the household, our laundries remain to be one space where maximum productivity and practicality is king. And it is for this reason that it should be equally as well considered and beautifully designed as the rest of our homes.

 Whether you’re a busy stay at home mum with a seemingly never ending wash/dry cycle on the go, or a young professional on a sharp shoot routine each week, it’s important that your laundry environment reflects your needs – making your day to day life as easy as possible. With customised storage cabinet solutions and room for practical workspaces, we will align the visual elements of your new laundry cabinetry with the rest of your home to ensure that it becomes a space of calm and control.

No matter if you’re renovating your dream home or revamping your existing space, we’ll take the time to understand the needs of your family and lifestyle and create a customised solution that fits into your lifestyle. With a range of bespoke solutions to choose from, as well as tried and tested layouts to spark inspiration, we’ll work closely with you to choose exactly what you need with a look, feel, and cost that you feel most comfortable with.

With custom laundry cabinets, cupboards, storage and more, Vantage Cabinets is here to ensure your next home renovation in Perth not only aligns with your needs, but gives your house the bespoke touch that makes it feel like home.

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An office space is a reflection of a business’s values, purpose, and ambition. No matter the industry, size, approach or long term goals, each office space has its own unique set of requirements in order to enable its team to excel and thrive throughout their day to day.

At Vantage Cabinets, we believe that the functional needs of a business can align in parallel to that of their desired visual aesthetic. By taking the time to truly understand your requirements, down to the smallest of detail, we’re always working on a way to ensure that the design of our cabinetry marries form and function in perfect harmony while also making certain that it stands the test of time. That way, our clients end up with a working environment that’s elevated by exceptional design, while also allowing for all the practicality a business needs to get the job done.

The perfect workspace should drive inspiration, master functionality, and increase the productivity of everyone who enters it. But precisely what that looks like for each business is never the same, which is why with the Vantage Cabinets team, you’ll never see a stock standard approach, but rather a considered, customised layout suited to your company’s needs..

 From storage solutions to workstations, amenities areas to unique statement pieces, Vantage Cabinets is here to help businesses all over Perth tailor cabinetry that reflects who they are – whether you’re a small family business, or a large scale enterprise.

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Nothing changes the atmosphere and mood of a space more than unnecessary clutter. Whether it be to optimise the usable areas of your home, or to transform rooms into something completely new, Vantage Cabinets considers the spatial dimensions of your home and customises a cabinet solution that not only streamlines the removal of the clutter, but seamlessly integrates into your day to day life.

By creating customised wardrobe and storage solutions that combine not only your needs, but visual cues that suits the overall look and feel of your home, we’ll help you get every space organised to give you, your family or your staff the room it needs to live, work, and play. We listen to the needs of our clients and can help you bring to life a walk through closet for the fashion enthusiasts, shelving and cupboards for your antique book collection, or enhance the storage space you need to keep your growing family organised.

Understanding that every home is as unique as the people that live in it, Vantage Cabinets is here to design quality, considered storage as a beautiful and functional addition to your home, creating a permanent enhancement to your space as opposed to a temporary solution.

From custom built walk-in wardrobes, fitted linen closets, stand alone cabinetry, kids storage, cupboards and so much more, we have years of experience in creating bespoke storage solutions for families of all shapes and sizes, and will work with you to design and curate the perfect addition to your home.

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First impressions count when it comes to the physical space of your brand. Whether you’re an established business or just getting started, your commercial space mirrors the ambitions and beliefs of your business without ever having to speak a word.

By helping you create an aesthetic that visually reflects your brand message, story and culture, we will work closely with you to craft a bespoke solution that evokes a sense of ease and familiarity for clients from the moment they enter. Combined with considered practical design and optimised for functionality, your new space will be designed to stand the test of time not only as your business grows, but with a timeless aesthetic that can adapt as it does.

Whether you’re a local café, a clothing store, an up and coming bar or an office space, we combine the functionality your business needs with the personal touch it deserves, to bring your brand to life through thoughtful design, and meticulous craftsmanship. From service counters to storage solutions, build-in seating and bespoke finishes, we’ll take the time to understand who your business is, who your customers are, and how best to translate your message in a visual, functional way.

As leading providers for shop fittings and fitouts, custom furniture, retail shop design and more, Vantage Cabinets is your go-to specialist cabinet makers in Perth to translate your vision for your space into a functional space with the same personality and flare as your business. With collaboration and communication at the core of each project we undertake, you can be sure that you’ll have full control and visualisation from the initial sketch until your doors open.

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Our homes and offices are deeply personal spaces, in which we spend a substantial part of our lives - working hard on our passions to come home to the one thing that makes it all worthwhile. Family.

And there is a certain level of comfort, familiarity, and ease that comes from knowing that the furniture that fills those spaces was designed, specifically, with you in mind.

Whether you’re looking to find a dining table designed to host your entire family over christmas, a chair to await your new arrival in the nursery, or a reception desk to welcome new clients into your business, we’ll take your concept and infuse it with the emotion, passion, and artisan craftsmanship that only comes from bespoke, handcrafted custom furniture.

From the initial sketches and measurements through to final delivery, we’ll work with you on the finest details of your furniture piece to ensure that it meets every functionality and style tone you need to bring out the best in your space. Material selection and proportions, accessories and finishes, every decision will be made with the sole purpose of aligning with your vision for your bespoke design-to-order furniture.

Let Vantage Cabinets in Perth work with you to bring your concept to life through the age old tradition of artisan handcrafted woodwork, giving you furniture that has a story, a history, and that will have a place in your heart for many years to come.

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