As the head craftsman, lead designer, and heart of Vantage Cabinets, Alan’s exceptional eye for detail and endless adoration for his clients has seen his career as an artisan grow from strength to strength over the past decades into the renowned brand it is today.
about Alan

Alan learnt his craft from an incredibly young age, taking his first steps as a carpenter during an apprenticeship in his late teens. By the time he was 25, with a wife and two small children at home, Alan knew he had a responsibility not only to provide for his family, but to take what he had learned about his craft and turn it into something more. It was then he decided to take the leap, to open his own cabinetry business – Vantage Cabinets – to share his gift of quality and craftsmanship with the world.

What drew Alan to carpentry?

The ability to build, take apart, and recreate with his hands. A perfectionist to a fault, every single piece that leaves his workshop serves as a true testament to the care and skill he puts into his craft.

Over the years, Alan’s business has grown into a family affair. He has made a point of continuing to learn and grow his art through the adoption of the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that every piece he creates is contemporary and of the highest quality, all while maintaining the old world charm of a true craftsman.